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The export beef plant (registration number SG1) was established in 1965. It includes an abattoir and deboning hall within the same building, which of course reduces handling to a minimum.

In 2001 SMI established a separate processed meat plant which has expanded steadily since then. This plant focuses on the preparation of retail packs and the production of either raw or cooked processed meat products.

SMI also runs a piggery and pig abattoir.

SMI’s head offices, export beef plant, processed meats plant and Embiveni Shop are all on the same site in Matsapha (26º 30’ 28”S 31º 17’ 51”E) located in central Swaziland. The pork abattoir and piggery is located 100km to the North East within the Simunye Sugar Estate (26º 08’ 38”S 31º 51’ 32”E) and close to the Hlane Game Reserve.